Wednesday, 21 January 2015

About me and why I have chosen to pursue a career in the media industry

The media industry is very broad and there are lots of opportunities. These opportunities range from presenting in radio, being a music journalist or being a freelance sound editor.
You may end up doing a completely different job than what you set out to do in the first place, or you may expand what you want to do for example a music journalist may end up working in radio or a radio presenter may be offered a TV show.
I am mainly interested in radio production although I have interests in other areas such as sound engineering and sound editing.
I am also interested in the music technology side of things and have a good understanding of how most music technology equipment works.

I think I have a good understanding of jobs in the industry and understand that you don’t get a job in radio by applying for an application form, you send lots of demos around to various radio stations and make sure the demos are of a good standard; good quality, you know what you’re talking about. Sometimes it helps if you Taylor the demo to the station you are sending it to; using their tag line, contact info etc.
I have some experience in radio broadcasting at college (mainly pressing the buttons and doing a little bit of talking). I also have lots of experience in sound editing and have engineered a few voice recording sessions.
I have used a range of applications including sound forge, garageband and protools.
There are a few opportunities to start your own business, but mainly those sorts of opportunities are going freelance. There are things you can do to get training e.g. a univercity degree in radio broadcasting which will give you a range of skills in the radio field e.g. station management, production, preparing and planning shows, promotion, ETC. My dream job in the media industry would be working behind the scenes at say, bbd radio 1, being a sound engineer.