Monday, 11 May 2015

Promo script

Something big is happening

The chapel arts is proud to present capel radio

We’ve got a variety of shows so theres bound

to be something for you

we’ll play songs like this, and this, and maybe

even a bit of this

we’ve got presenters like this one, and this

one, and this one

we’ll bring you the latest news and events

from aroud the college to keep you up to date

we’ll bring you a wide range of music, from

chilled out classics to the fresest tunes.

We’ll also bring you live sessions from the


We’ve got music Monday, playing you the

best music around

two track Tuesday, getting staff to pick two

favourite tracks

its all about you on request Wednesday

where we’ll play your choice of music

throwback Thursday, taking you back to those classics

fresh Friday, playing you the best up beawt

new music to kick off you’re weekend

find us on twitter @TheChapelArts or email us at

chapel radio, coming to a device near you

1xtra street music advert

1xtra street music advert

Purpose and meaning
The purpose of this advert is to inform people of the new station from the BBC. It shows that people from an urban background will listen. It also shows that the station is predominantly aiming for listeners of an ethnic background, but won’t discourage those who aren’t.
It is also showing the different styles of music they are going to be playing on the station; underground hip-hop, UK garage, jungle, drum & bass, ETC.
Form and style
It is a very informal advert, it is more of a promo for the station. It has no talking, but different songs and noises to represent different sounds, e.g. the song “sound of da police” by KRS1 is playing when the image shows a car with an alarm going off.
The advert has different music clips to illustrate different things that are going on, for example people talking, a dog barking or a car alarm going off.
The advert shows the type of people that might listen to the new station; people from the ghetto, people with different backgrounds. People who like Hip-hop, Jungle, garage, ETC.
The genre is urban based, with influences of street and youth. There is also a reference of Jungle and UK garage in there.
Target audience
The advert is targeted at young people who are interested in Hip-hop; 15-25—29.
It would be shown on BBC TV - maybe a couple of primetime slots, it will also be advertised all of radio 1. Probably wouldn’t have been shown on BBC 2.
Probably shown on BBC choice (now known as BBC 3).
Production process
This advert will have taken quite a while to produce as it has quite a lot of elements in it.
I think the main challenge in producing this advert would have been getting the sounds lined up to the actions that are going on in the video. But also there’s quite a bit of audio editing required.
It would have required someone to find all the samples by chopping p the various songs. It would haso have required someone to record the VoiceOver that is heard at the end of the advert. It may have also required them to find actors and somewhere to film some of the scenes.

Chapel radio promo

Chapel radio promo
It is just under 3 minutes in length and advertises everything that Chapel radio does. It is aimed at people round the college and its purpose is to give Chapel radio promotion so people will listen.
It will be played out on Chapel radio itself so people know what else to expect from the station other than what they are currently listening too.
It has some clips of music and it has some clips of a few presenters talking. I am the main voiceover for the promo, and the voice that is heard throughout. I am also one of the presenters.
It would have to be played maybe a few times a day but not too often that the audience get irritated with it as it is quite long.
An idea for expansion would be to do a few promo’s promoting different shows on chapel radio, and different things coming up in the future.
These would probably be shorter in length but this one is longer due to Chapel radio being very knew to the college.
To make this promo I had a little bit of vocal help to get my voice sound more authentic and to project it a bit more. I had an engineer to press record and read me the script. I also had a little bit of help refining the script so that it flowed better and made more sense.