Monday, 11 May 2015

Promo script

Something big is happening

The chapel arts is proud to present capel radio

We’ve got a variety of shows so theres bound

to be something for you

we’ll play songs like this, and this, and maybe

even a bit of this

we’ve got presenters like this one, and this

one, and this one

we’ll bring you the latest news and events

from aroud the college to keep you up to date

we’ll bring you a wide range of music, from

chilled out classics to the fresest tunes.

We’ll also bring you live sessions from the


We’ve got music Monday, playing you the

best music around

two track Tuesday, getting staff to pick two

favourite tracks

its all about you on request Wednesday

where we’ll play your choice of music

throwback Thursday, taking you back to those classics

fresh Friday, playing you the best up beawt

new music to kick off you’re weekend

find us on twitter @TheChapelArts or email us at

chapel radio, coming to a device near you

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