Friday, 24 July 2015

Evaluation of CV

Evaluation of CV
To improve, I need to get better at meeting deadlines. I also need to look at a wider range of audio editing and production software; more advanced than soundForge. For example, DAWs like protools or logic. I also need to focus more on my planning skills, and on things like production schedules, risk assessments, ETC. I need to also pass myself more on projects, and give myself enough time to finish one project before moving on to another so I can focus more on a particular project.
I also need more experience with recording bands as although I have done some of this, I still need a few more sessions just to refine what i know.
There are lots of opportunities for employment or for expanding your education in the media industry. There are a few websites dedicated to advertising media jobs such as and
Education wise, there are many university degrees to do with things in the media industry, journalism, broadcasting, radio, ETC.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Best of New songsters

Best of New Songsters (series 1) from thechapel on Vimeo.

Here are some of the highlights from series one of New Songsters.

This is a visual portfolio of my work. It is a clip of the best of series 1 of the new songsters open mic show which was a 6 part series that was held at the Chapel and streamed live on Chapel TV. I was the sound engineer for the majority of the series however I did run the live PA in the chapel for a couple of episodes.
It just shows some of the headline acts we had and it was shown in the interval of our last show in the series.
I was heavily involved in the production of the show and the running of the series, choosing which headline acts to have and which open mic contestants would be put on the online stream. I also helped shape the show, deciding on the technical side of recording. For example, I had the idea of having an extra microphone active in the chapel itself to help capture the natural reverb and atmosphere of the crowd as I thought the shows sounded a bit unnatural until that point.
I would also be part of the team that would set up the chapel by setting up microphones, monitors and different instruments.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Evaluation of pitch

Evaluation of pitch
To improve my pitch I need to make sure that i Have all the information I need and to thin more about the finer details e.g. specific audience, expansion ideas, exact dates, times, ETC. I would also do a demo and have an extract to show what the format of the show would be and what it would sound like. I would also need to have a clearer idea of the type of music I wanted to play and the competition from other stations. I would have to carry out research to see whether there was a demand for the show and whether I would actually get any listeners. I would do this by looking up the competition online and possibly doing a survey around the local area.
I would also need to think about expandibility for the show and its timescale; how long I’d want to keep doing it, would I just do 1 show a week ETC.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Evaluation of chapel arts promo

Evaluation of Chapel arts promo
I am quite proud of the promo however if we were going to do it again more planning must be undertaken. For example, we need to stick to production schedules and draw a line on where changes can be made. WE would also make sure that we had all of the elements needed before the editing process so we aren’t scrambling around looking for extra camera shots, footage and images. I would laos say plan time for the editing process so it doesn’t all have to be done in a few hours at the last minute before the promo needs to be used.

Evaluation of new songsters

Evaluation of The New songsters event
I think the event was a success however if we were to put it on again I think that the following would be better. We didn’t really have a back up plan and more things needed to be considered e.g. what we would do if one of acts pulled out at the last minute, if a vital member of the crew e.g. the presenter or camera operators couldn’t make it, ETC. We would also need to consider costing and how much the venue would have cost to hire and wages for the people working and the artist’s pay. We would also look around to see if there was a greater variety of acts to book as some of the feedback we got was the acts weren’t varied enough. We’d also try and promote the event more, get the message out more on social networks, ETC.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Evaluation of my event

Evaluation of my event
Next time I need to think more about financing and how I am going to fund my event. I need to think more about the aim of my event money wise, e.g. whether I am aiming to make money or not. I also need to think about budgeting more. I would need to budget for hire of the venue, wages and other costs. Another thing I need to consider more is a contingency plan for if one of my staff members can’t make the event for a particular reason e.g. illness.
I did receive good feedback on the rest of the event however and feel like if I spent more time thinking about budgeting and contingency plans I could happily put on the event.

Difference between recorded and live session

The difference between this and a recorded session is that you can o multiple takes and then in the mixing stage use the best parts from each take. You can also add more effects like delay, reverb and compression to get the best sounding product. It is important to get the best sounding product as the client is expecting a good quality service for what they are paying for. However if you are doing live sound you can add live effects but there is a potential for distortion and unnecessary noise for accidental touching or bumping of microphones and other equipment.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Cover letter

This letter would be attached along with my CV if I was applying for this job.
It is another opportunity to show off skills thatI can bring to the roll; another way to sell myself.
This was in response to a post as breakfast show producer at global.


This is my audio portfolio of just some things I've either engineered myself. There's some jingles in there, dj mixing, music production, voiceovers I've recorded, and things I have engineered.

The next step

The next step
Based on the experience I have gained so far and the research I have done into opportunities for a career in the media industry I think my next step should be to find an apprenticeship in my chosen industry. Out of interest, my chosen interest would be something to do with sound engineering. However I wouldn’t turn down a job in the radio industry. Isn’t that just a great industry? Sitting in a room talking to yourself and pressing play on some songs for a set length of time for a set number of days a week. What’s not to love about that! However I don’t really have the voice for radio so I’d probably be thrown to the back to produce or edit or something like that. I’d love to do something with live sound as well because I like that sort of stuff.
To get this I would need some more training in the radio industry, e.g. undertake a radio degree at HE level. I would also need to volunteer at local and community stations so I could get the experience and a feel for the industry. I would also need to develop my range of skills in DAW’s and other software that is used in the radio studio.
I could do this by looking at apprenticeship schemes by big corporations like the BBC, or other radio companies like Global or Bauer. I could also volunteer at local and community radio stations. There is also a lot of guides and courses that can help you get into the industry by helping you refine your skills.

Media CV

Personal Statement
Over the last few years I have gained lots of experience in the media production industry, particularly audio production. This has included live music sessions, studio recordings, voice over sessions and producing audio for an online TV channel.
I have current knowledge of the media industry, in particular the music industry, which I am very passionate about, and I am keen to combine this with audio production skills in a broadcast environment.
I am keen to further my knowledge and develop skills in radio production. My main area of interest is music based although I am also interested in radio drama and documentary production.

I have a lot of experience in the media industry. This includes presenting and producing a few radio shows for the college station Chapel radio. This includes talk and music programming and radio dramas. I have also recorded a few bands with varying degrees of instruments e.g. synths, bass guitars, various drum setups, ETC. I also helped master these recordings for distribution by adding EQ, and various effects such as reverb and delay.
I have also administered recorded many voiceovers and recorded a few myself. I haven’t done much in the work of video production or editing.
I have done audio work for different theatre performances including mixing together songs and triggering sounds. I have also done live PA work including mixing a number of live microphones.
I have done sound engineering for a live web TV show, which includes bringing different audio sources in and out of the mix at precise times. It also includes making sure different queues are played when they need to be.