Thursday, 23 July 2015

Best of New songsters

Best of New Songsters (series 1) from thechapel on Vimeo.

Here are some of the highlights from series one of New Songsters.

This is a visual portfolio of my work. It is a clip of the best of series 1 of the new songsters open mic show which was a 6 part series that was held at the Chapel and streamed live on Chapel TV. I was the sound engineer for the majority of the series however I did run the live PA in the chapel for a couple of episodes.
It just shows some of the headline acts we had and it was shown in the interval of our last show in the series.
I was heavily involved in the production of the show and the running of the series, choosing which headline acts to have and which open mic contestants would be put on the online stream. I also helped shape the show, deciding on the technical side of recording. For example, I had the idea of having an extra microphone active in the chapel itself to help capture the natural reverb and atmosphere of the crowd as I thought the shows sounded a bit unnatural until that point.
I would also be part of the team that would set up the chapel by setting up microphones, monitors and different instruments.

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