Friday, 24 July 2015

Evaluation of CV

Evaluation of CV
To improve, I need to get better at meeting deadlines. I also need to look at a wider range of audio editing and production software; more advanced than soundForge. For example, DAWs like protools or logic. I also need to focus more on my planning skills, and on things like production schedules, risk assessments, ETC. I need to also pass myself more on projects, and give myself enough time to finish one project before moving on to another so I can focus more on a particular project.
I also need more experience with recording bands as although I have done some of this, I still need a few more sessions just to refine what i know.
There are lots of opportunities for employment or for expanding your education in the media industry. There are a few websites dedicated to advertising media jobs such as and
Education wise, there are many university degrees to do with things in the media industry, journalism, broadcasting, radio, ETC.

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