Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Media CV

Personal Statement
Over the last few years I have gained lots of experience in the media production industry, particularly audio production. This has included live music sessions, studio recordings, voice over sessions and producing audio for an online TV channel.
I have current knowledge of the media industry, in particular the music industry, which I am very passionate about, and I am keen to combine this with audio production skills in a broadcast environment.
I am keen to further my knowledge and develop skills in radio production. My main area of interest is music based although I am also interested in radio drama and documentary production.

I have a lot of experience in the media industry. This includes presenting and producing a few radio shows for the college station Chapel radio. This includes talk and music programming and radio dramas. I have also recorded a few bands with varying degrees of instruments e.g. synths, bass guitars, various drum setups, ETC. I also helped master these recordings for distribution by adding EQ, and various effects such as reverb and delay.
I have also administered recorded many voiceovers and recorded a few myself. I haven’t done much in the work of video production or editing.
I have done audio work for different theatre performances including mixing together songs and triggering sounds. I have also done live PA work including mixing a number of live microphones.
I have done sound engineering for a live web TV show, which includes bringing different audio sources in and out of the mix at precise times. It also includes making sure different queues are played when they need to be.

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