Thursday, 16 July 2015

Evaluation of pitch

Evaluation of pitch
To improve my pitch I need to make sure that i Have all the information I need and to thin more about the finer details e.g. specific audience, expansion ideas, exact dates, times, ETC. I would also do a demo and have an extract to show what the format of the show would be and what it would sound like. I would also need to have a clearer idea of the type of music I wanted to play and the competition from other stations. I would have to carry out research to see whether there was a demand for the show and whether I would actually get any listeners. I would do this by looking up the competition online and possibly doing a survey around the local area.
I would also need to think about expandibility for the show and its timescale; how long I’d want to keep doing it, would I just do 1 show a week ETC.

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