Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The next step

The next step
Based on the experience I have gained so far and the research I have done into opportunities for a career in the media industry I think my next step should be to find an apprenticeship in my chosen industry. Out of interest, my chosen interest would be something to do with sound engineering. However I wouldn’t turn down a job in the radio industry. Isn’t that just a great industry? Sitting in a room talking to yourself and pressing play on some songs for a set length of time for a set number of days a week. What’s not to love about that! However I don’t really have the voice for radio so I’d probably be thrown to the back to produce or edit or something like that. I’d love to do something with live sound as well because I like that sort of stuff.
To get this I would need some more training in the radio industry, e.g. undertake a radio degree at HE level. I would also need to volunteer at local and community stations so I could get the experience and a feel for the industry. I would also need to develop my range of skills in DAW’s and other software that is used in the radio studio.
I could do this by looking at apprenticeship schemes by big corporations like the BBC, or other radio companies like Global or Bauer. I could also volunteer at local and community radio stations. There is also a lot of guides and courses that can help you get into the industry by helping you refine your skills.

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