Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Basic analysis – The Ricky Gervais show

Purpose and meaning:
to entertain and to inform about history. Ricky and Steve present Karl with different scenarios and metaphors and pick his brain for his thoughts on different subjects. Not necessarily topical.
Form and style
It is an audio podcast with animations added. They are all sitting in a studio talking to each other.
The show consists of sketches, each one a new topic, metaphor or topic to discuss. They pick Karl’s brain on a variety of subjects ranging from ancient history to philosophy.
Entertainment/animated comedy
Target audience
It was normally shown
The show was on weekly on channel 4 in the UK, and was then released on to DVD after it had been shown. After the series started, a new episode would be shown weekly. Series 3 was the last series of the show, as Ricky thought they had used up all the good material.
The show’s usually last for around 20-25 minutes.
Production process
The show will have several people working behind the scenes in a production team, this team could include someone or 2 people to find sound effects, people to create animations, people to storyboard and draw the animations. They will also have a production team who will be responsible for filming the guys in the studio, a director, sound guys, and lots of other staff who will all be needed.

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