Friday, 9 October 2015

Analysing new songsters episode 1

There were many purposes for the event. The main one was to give people in the local community the opportunity to watch live music from local artists. It did this by allowing people to attend the event FREE of charge. Also, people could tune in to the last half hour of the show.
Another reason for the event was to give local artists a platform to perform to a live and online audience. And that didn’t just mean the headline act as they also gave the opportunity for the more music musically gifted members of the public to perform during the first half of the show which was an open mic segment.
The show was a couple of hours long with a break in-between so people could get more drinks, ETC. As this was the first time we'd done this, it was all very new for us. Also this meant we didn't have as many open mic performers, but we had a couple. The headline for the evening was Seren the Heron.
The first part of the show was the open mic segment, so our performers would all try out and then the best ones would be picked to perform a track on the live stream. Seren also played a couple of tracks to give the crowd a taster of what to expect on the live stream.
The second half of the show was the live stream itself. This would last half an hour, and there was a track from the best open mic performer of the night, which was Hannah wood, and then a full set from Seren which went down really well.
Target Audience
The target audience for the show was people of both genders aged between about 16 and 40 who enjoy chilled out, acoustic music. Though I feel that due to the young age of all of the evening’s performers, the age range of listeners will be lower as well.
The design and style of the event
The design of the stage was very simplistic. There was a piano to the left of stage which, although it was originally there unless one of the open mic performers wanted to use it, looked very good on camera in the background of shots of the performers. Then, in the centre of stage, was a small platform with a stall in the middle and mics in front ready for the singer songwriters to do what they do best. Also, the lighting was very simplistic. Using a lighting rig, a spotlight was essentially created in the centre of stage with dim lighting either side. Also, LED lights all of various colours were scattered at the side and back of stage reflecting on the walls to create effect.
The event was held at the Chapel, at the Chapel arts centre. This is a great location because it is quite close to the busy Hereford town centre, but it is also a great music venue. As well as it being aesthetically pleasing, with the old chapel window, confession room door and prayer board, but it is also the perfect place to get great sound. This is due to the natural reverb that can be heard due to the design of the building.
I really liked the format of the show as I thought it worked well. It was a very enjoyable night and I thought it held a lot of promise for future events as people's responses for hugely positive. I like that open mic performers were invited to come and show off their talent, and then get a chance to perform around the world on the internet. This is a very unique format.
Legal and ethical issues
The organisers did risk assessment on everything in the event from trip hazards e.g. cables in the way, unstable lighting rigs, ETC to ensure that nothing would happen. Also, precautions were taken to make sure that artists and the host new not to say any offensive or bad language as someone who was watching on the live stream or in the audience could be offended. Another issue would be licencing via a PRS or similar licence if any artists performed covers, or if music was played at the start or end of the show. The building has one of these which covered this.

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