Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Feedback from new songsters

I think that that the event was a great success. Dozens of people turned up filling pretty much every chair in the chapel for the event. The audience; who were fueled by a slight bit of alcohol, I have to say, were fantastic, creating a lively and very vibrent atmosphere in the room throughout the gig.

In the centre's most ambitious live stream ever, we received the most online viewers ever in new songsters history. And if that's not enough, lots of the online viewers commented online via the live stream website and twitter saying how much they were enjoying the show. Many comments said that the show was "pretty cool" and "groovy".

We received similar comments from people in the live crowd who praised the hosting (as well as the acts. The second act, singer/songwriter Natalie Holman received by far the most rave reviews.

We also managed to please the artist who both, as well as thanking us in person for "allowing" them to perform, went on social media saying they "always love performing" at new songsters and that they had a "great evening".

All of the above proves that it was definitely fit for purpose and appealed to what was a rather large audience. Well, it can't be said that the whole audience was impressed with every act. Though, like I said earlier, act two received fantastic feedback, the same can't be said completely for our opening act the C.Tivey trio. One or two members of the live audience came up to me after the show to say that they weren't too impressed by the jazz band. This was because jazzy instrumentals with no vocals wasn't exactly their cup of tea; which is fare enough. They felt that we should have stuck with acts similar to our headliner Natalie throughout the show. Though, it has to be said, judging by the slight drop in viewing figures in the second half of the show, it appears that the online viewers thought quite the opposite.

This to me suggests that we did have a good range of acts appealing to different types of audience and though some people didn't enjoy some aspects of the show, the majority certainly did. My conclusion is that you can't please everyone all of the time but to please different people at different segments of the show is what I'd call a success.

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