Monday, 29 June 2015

Chapel arts promo original plan

Some things changed from this original plan in the actual promo as some thigns didn't work or we came up with better ideas.Chapel arts centre promo plan
• start with an image of the Chapel logo which sits outside of the main building.
• We will then fade to an image of the glitter ball in the chapel.
• After that the camera will pan down to the stage where Alex will clap the clapper board and say ACTION!
• Next, there will be three or four clips of previous artists who have played in the chapel showing off the variety of acts we have such as acoustic, folk, Jazz and Rock (the last two being from the Art college)
• For the remainder of the promo there will be one consistant bed which as of yet has not been decided.
• Then we would go to the performance studio and show a shot of the empty studio to show how amazing it is
• This will be followed by various clips of all the many a things that have gone on there over the past few years such as the main event, the dance performance, harmoneyes and the political debate.
• Our next focus point will be the Art department. As well as showing some fancy shots of the art on display in the art room, we will also demonstrate the fact that we host exibitoins by recording footage of the upcoming art exhibition with shots of the art itself and the artist explaining one of his pieces to a costomer
• Next up will be a brief shot of kyle serving someone in the bar to show off the fact that we have a licenced bar in the building
• Finally, the voiceover will say the chapel arts slogan of music, theatre, art, radio, dance, television, the chapel. Wit each word would come an image. So for example, for music we could have an image of Head the thunder doing their thing, for radio we could have an image of one of our star presenters and/or technicians showing off their skills etc. then when “the chapel” is read out an image of the chapel logo will appear as the music fades out.

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