Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Investigate Various Radio Stations that broadcast Radio Dramas

Analysing a radio station that plays radio drama BBC radio 4 extra Figure 1BBC Radio 4 extra logo Broadcasts in the UK Mostly broadcasts repeats of old comedies, dramas from the BBC spoken word archive. It also sometimes broadcasts extended programming from its sister station BBC radio 4. Also did some children’s programming; stories, competitions, ETC. There were two shows for kids little toe (now CBeebies Radio), and big toe with music, current affairs and books. It also use to host the only radio program presented by the news round team. Launched in December 2002 as BBC 7, rebranded to 4 extra in April 2011 When the station launched again, it kept most of its programming that it already had with some new programs and spin offs from radio 4. The station is mostly based around comedy however it does play lots of different types of drama as well, for example, SiFI happens in its 7th dimension evening segment. It does also play other drama such as crime fiction and murder mysteries. It gets around 1.6 million listeners a wekk, and they are listening for an average of around 5 hours or so. They have 0.9% market share.

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